About Us

Maya Jo's Bed and Breakfast is the final step in an adventure for our family.  On a hope and a whim, in 2012, Jordan and I took a car packed to the brim to Williston, ND.  Before we knew it we were married, in love, and expecting our first gift named Maya.  After she was born, we knew we wanted to give her a loving and amazing home.


This is where you all come in:


As in our typical fashion, we decided a move was in our future.  In 2015, we were blessed with an opportunity to give Maya an incredible childhood.  Originally from Indiana (GO IRISH), and with an amazing support system, we decided Deadwood would be the perfect place to raise our little one's.  With help, we were introduced to this property on Strawberry Hill Lane.  It had everything we could have ever wished for.  A wonderful place to raise our family, an opportunity to entertain and make a home away from home for our guests, and a charming environment to help relieve stress and add enjoyment to everyone's life.

Thank you in advance:


While you are rejuvenating on vacation, relaxing, and taking in everything that this area has to offer, we want to thank you for choosing to stay with us.  We hope you are able to take from this, a new energy and most importantly a fun time!  No request is absurd.  We will always do our best to accommodate any request you may have.


Sincerely -


Jordan, Erin Maya & Ashley Kaser